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Increasing New Vehicle Sales through advertise in USA Vehicle Finder What Every Buyer Needs to Know When Financing a Vehicle

You may have several questions and concerns when financing a new or used car. Here are a few tips on what to expect and how financing a car works.

The Basics
The term of the loan, or the length, affects the interest rate. A short term loan provides a lower rate, but higher monthly payments - a longer term means higher rates, but lower monthly payments. Also, financing used vehicles have higher rates then new cars.

Finance Application at USA Vehicle Finder
Know Your Credit Score
The primary factor in determining your loan terms is your credit rating. Your credit history and credit score are designed to give lenders an idea about the risk they take on by lending you money, if your loan is seen as high-risk, your interest rate will increase. If you are visiting several dealerships in search of the right vehicle, do NOT let them run a credit report. Your credit score decreases every time a credit report is run. Wait until you find the car you want.



Tradein tips at USA Vehicle Finder

Increasing New Vehicle Sales through advertise in USA Vehicle FinderBuying A Used Vehicle Got You Scared?

5 Things You Should Know Before Making A Purchase.

In today’s economy more people are looking to buy a used vehicle. Know what to look for before you visit the dealership.

1. Know what kind of vehicle you want
Some of you are tempted to skip this step because you already have a vehicle in mind. But ask yourself a few questions before you go to the dealership.
Can I afford the monthly payments? Does it meet my driving needs? If you aren't sure of the answer, click here to go to our payment calculator page. When you figure out what you can afford, rent a car from a rental car service for a weekend. You have to live with the car you purchase, make sure it's the one that meets all of your needs.

2. Shop around. A lot.
Before you go to the dealership, check out their web site. Many dealerships offer specials on their web site that they don't advertise at the car lot.



Increasing New Vehicle Sales through advertise in USA Vehicle FinderTips for Trading in Your Vehicle

When trading in your car, you probably won't get anything over wholesale. However; there are some things you can do to get a better deal. Below are some tips that will help you when having the car appraised at the dealership.

1. Know your trade-in value
There are many things that will affect the value of your trade in. Year, mileage, and condition all factor into the price. Before you go to the dealership, do the research and find the trade-in value or true market value using a resource such as Kelley Blue Book. Never go to a dealership without knowing how much your car is worth.
Value Your Trade at USA Vehicle Finder
2. Have an exta set of keys
The most powerful negotiating tool you have is the ability to leave. When the apraiser inspects your vehicle, some dealerships may "misplace" your keys. They do this to give them more time to negotiate for a better deal. If this happens, pull out your spare set of keys and tell the salesperson that you are leaving. The "misplaced" keys will magically reappear.



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