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Increasing New Vehicle Sales through advertise in USA Vehicle FinderTips for Trading in Your Vehicle

When trading in your car, you probably won't get anything over wholesale. However; there are some things you can do to get a better deal. Below are some tips that will help you when having the car appraised at the dealership.

1. Know your trade-in value
There are many things that will affect the value of your trade in. Year, mileage, and condition all factor into the price. Before you go to the dealership, do the research and find the trade-in value or true market value using a resource such as Kelley Blue Book. Never go to a dealership without knowing how much your car is worth.

2. Bring an exta set of keys
Having an extra set of keys is a plus when trading in your vehicle. Most keys cannot be copied at your local hardware store. So if you happen to have an extra set, bring them to the dealership. It will make for a better appraisal.

3. Get your car detailed
Ok...I know what your thinking. Why do I have to clean my car since the dealer will do it when I trade it in? A professional appraiser will give you a lowball price if they believe that you are not serious about selling. They won't waste their time factoring in the satellite radio you had installed last year if they think you are just trying to get a free appraisal. If the car is near show-room condition, then the dealership won't have too much to put into it and may give you a better price.

4. Don't leave personal effects in the vehicle
Clean out the glove box. Make sure there aren't any credit card or bank statements under the front seat. Don't leave anything that gives the appraiser an advantage. The appraiser can use. Two things you never leave in you vehicle are the Title and any service documents. So the Title is self-explanatory, but what’s wrong with leaving the service documents? Doesn't that prove you took good car of the car? Even if you followed the manufacture's instructions exactly, the appraiser will find some slip-up if given enough time.

5. Don't
Don't trade in your vehicle. Most sellers are too optimistic about what their vehicle will fetch when they trade it in. You can generally sell your car for a lot more money yourself. There are many classified web sites such as craigslist and BackPage where you can list your car for free.

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